Sociological Concept Of Juvenile Delinquency

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Juvenile is a child who unlike an adult person having not attained prescribed age, cannot be held liable for his criminal acts. Delinquency is an act or conduct of a juvenile which is socially undesirable. Thus, Juvenile Delinquency means the failure of children to meet specific obligations, expected from them by the society . According to Cyril Burt, “Delinquency occurs in a child, when his social tendencies appear so grave that he becomes or ought to become the subject of social action.” Robinson Halt says, “We use the term delinquent as we sometimes use the term ‘love’ as though it were a simple concept whereas it actually embraces complex patterns of behavior.”
The sociological view gives a liberal interpretation
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As said by Robinson, “The legal term delinquency is an umbrella for a wide variety of socially disapproved behavior that varies with the time, place and the attitudes of those allocated to administer the law.”
Thus from the various available definitions it can be said that any act forbidden by law for children under prescribed age limit is Juvenile Delinquency and therefore it follows that a child found to have committed an act of juvenile delinquency by a court is a Juvenile Delinquent. In India Juvenile is a person who has not completed 18 year of
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This is to be taken for granted that the central idea and the main aim is not just to reform the juvenile delinquent but also to spread a feeling of scare and fear of law among the juveniles and it is not possible until the law is severe.
Offenders who commit heinous crimes like murder and rape, even after being aware of all the consequences of their acts, don’t even think before committing such crimes, because they very well know that what punishment they will get for their deed and this don’t even make others realize the seriousness and importance of law and that is why the rate of violent crimes has increased in the past years.
What if a criminal is 17 years and 364 days old and he commits a crime like murder or rape! He will not be given the punishment which he had got if he would be of complete 18 years, that is, 17 years and 365 days old. Can just a difference of a single day bring so much difference in the mental state of that criminal and the view of law towards that

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