Socio Economic Factors Of Juvenile Delinquency Essay

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Socio-Economic Factors Juvenile delinquency causes a disruption in the economic system by the increasing rates of criminal acts. Social scientist and legislators attempt to unveil causes and solutions to this national dilemma United Nations, 2003). Youth that experience educational, financial or poverty go into survival mode to get their needs met. Getting needs met are not by employment but in “street hustling” and ways to make a quick dollar. Role models are limited and unavailable to teach the youth about core values (about education that can lead to a good tax paying job). However, youth live in a microwave society where things are wanted immediately without putting in hard work. For example, when I graduated from high school, a friend told me “why should you go to college and incur a $40,000 debt when you can make that amount in a week?” The thought process of eliminating the cycle of poverty and being able to provide for the family is a priority by any means necessary. Youth mimic the behaviors of what they see. They fail to see the entire process and look at the financial rewards. The financial gains are not enough drive for them to commit to a life without crime and seek a better life. Eardie and Morley believe that youth should be kept away from senior criminals to reduce their chances from becoming criminals (2003). This can be challenging based on various neighborhood conditions and family support. The surge in delinquency is in dire…

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