Ethnocentrism In The Movie Pretty Woman

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There is one movie that I have always had to watch if I saw that it was playing on TV and I knew it was on; Pretty Woman, which was debuted in 1990. This movie shows both sides of socio-economic culture by one main character being wealthy and the other main character being poor. The wealthy business owner, Edward, which is played by Richard Gere, is out one evening and stops to ask for directions. The movie takes off from there with Vivian, played by Julia Roberts which is a prostitute, jumping into the expensive car Edward is driving and then showing him how to get to the exact location of where he wants to go. After the initial chance meeting, Edward offers Vivian a sum of three thousand dollars to spend the weekend with him. Through their interactions over the weekend, the two learn many aspects about each other’s lives and they learn the benefits of give and take in a relationship. The chance meeting of the two main characters develops into an excellent example of how two totally different socio-economic cultures can come together and …show more content…
Vivian experiences culture shock when she introduced to a culture climate that she is unaccustomed to. For example, when Edward gives Vivian money to buy some clothing, because of the clothing she is wearing and her mannerisms, she is met with disrespect and hesitation from the sales ladies. When she first enters the hotel with Edward, she encounters many people staring at her and when she goes to dinner her lack of experience with certain utensils causes her to experience culture shock. Many times throughout the movie Vivian is met with much judgement from the social culture she has been exposed to. Another example of ethnocentrism is when Edward first takes her to his penthouse, she has gone into the bathroom and is flossing her teeth, when Edward walks into the bathroom and he believes that she is trying to hide drugs that he thought she was going to

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