Essay about Socio Cultural influences on sexuality

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When examining influences on sexuality one has to look at many different factors. One of those factors that has an influence on sexuality is the culture or society that person is from and their expectations of sexual behavior. Gender identity, their roles, and stereotypes associated with a person’s gender also play a part. Finally the psychological impacts of these expectations and how commercial sex influences expectations and perceptions of sexuality should be explored.
Gender Identity and Gender Roles Gender identity is “one’s subjective sense of being a man (or boy) or a woman (or girl). This sense is usually acquired by the age of 3” (King, 2012). “As children move into the larger
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Examples of gender stereotyping would be: When thinking of the female stereotypical role, the idea is she puts her family’s welfare before her own, that she has a loving, nurturing, and caring spirit about her. Or when thinking of the male stereotypical role, he is the financial provider, he is assertive, the family protector, and independent. Children are taught stereotypical behaviors concerning gender stereotypes at an early age. Examples would be that girls are bought toys that foster nurturing and caring such as doll babies and kitchen sets. Whereas boys were given toys such as toy soldiers and cars that were more aggressive. However when these stereotypes are met it becomes dangerous and could potentially have a psychological impact on a person.
Psychological Impacts The psychological impact that gender stereotyping has on an individual can be very dangerous. Stereotypes can affect the way that a person makes decisions, reacts in certain situations and have lifelong effects. As a result of gender stereotyping women face many challenges in the workplace. “The American Civil Liberties Union reports that a woman still earns only 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Women’s salaries are still often seen as a supplement to their husband, according to Catalyst, a nonprofit designed to build inclusive workplaces for women and business” (Career Thought). This is one such reason that women tend

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