Essay on Society 's Views Of Masculinity

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Society will always think of men as independent individuals who are responsible for their own morals. However, males are compared to females because they are not what they are expected to be. Some of them tend to not focus on what reality is, so it leads to being irresponsible. Young men and boys are feeling discouraged because of being compared to females who are taking education more seriously.
Males and females has their own differences in getting distracted from education. Some are smart when it comes to education and some are smarter when it comes to other things just as sports or solving problem in the real world. Males think differently in their empty mind , but some focus on achieving their goals. Paul Theroux, a novelist who examines society’s views of masculinity, stated that men “are imprisoned by their anti- intellectual machismo”, which means that they can be distracted by the thoughts of being a man (567-570). Men can be distracted because games is excitedly fun and girls are attractive. For example, other than some males and females not caring about education, they are missing opportunities to lead onto their life in the future because they decided to chose that path. In the real world, males are meant to be masculine, so they can achieve what it takes to get to their goal in education. In order for boys to focus, they tend to ignore what others or society think of them. Also, they can focus by being independent by not letting distractions get in their…

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