Society 's Stereotypes Of The Kitchen, And Jews Are Cheap Essay

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Society’s Stereotypes Women belong in the kitchen, and Jews are cheap. African Americans are criminals, and Asians are geeks.The poor, of course, are lazy. Media portrays people from all walks of life in many different ways, painting them in ways that are not always true to reality. When watching a movie, the majority of police are white men, and most women stay home raising their children. Gender and racial stereotypes also play a significant role in today’s society. Race has been influencing every aspect of American society since it began; Native Americans were seen as subhuman when Europeans came to America. Race and racism were still polarizing when the civil rights movement took hold 400 years later, and stereotypes continue to take hold today in the 21st century. Gender stereotypes are just as harmful. When a teenage girl is told she is not pretty, she will often alter her appearance to meet the expectations that society has put in place. She will go out of her way to diet, buy new clothes, work out, or socialize with new people in order to be more like the famous model or actress that she sees in the media. She will believe teenage girls are supposed to be sexy and thin and do whatever her boyfriend says. Stereotypes are social injustices because they allow for discrimination through gender roles, race, and socioeconomic status.
Gender roles are created by the stereotypes that men are superior to women, leaving women to be seen as the weaker sex, which is far from…

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