Society 's Non Acceptance Will Fall And Pave A Day For A Better Future

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Unit 1 option four

I had a professor last year named Dr. Linda Cool who hypothesized that today’s generation is always less morally correct than the last. However, I disagree with this claim; each generation faces its own unique challenges and handles them in different manners. For example, today, where homosexuality and transgenderism are much more widely accepted and increasingly more teens are coming out, they face a still little-varying and unaccepting society. However, the binary normative inhibits many of these teens from being openly identified in virtually all aspects of society. The future is undeniably bright, however as we strive for equality for such individuals as society becomes increasingly more accepting, it is important to note that today, even though many gains have been made, non-conforming individuals are still tormented. Society’s non-acceptance will fall and pave a day for a better future.
Society expects individuals to conform to the “standard story,” as coined by Judy Aulette and Judith Wittner, where sex is binary (male or female) and sexuality is assumed to be heterosexual, where an individual may wish to identify otherwise (GW pp. 20). This expectation is exhibited in Jacob Anderson-Minshall’s The Enemy Within: On Becoming A Straight White Guy, where because he grew up as a “tomboy” female, he was interrogated by his school because he did not align with the expectation of his biological sex (pp. 28-33). This simply perpetuates the fact…

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