Society Divided By Sexual Education Program Essay

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Thousands of people protested all throughout the country; the civil society was enraged at the prospect of the approval of law 61, which intended to make a sexual education curriculum compulsory to all Panamanian students. What is the reason behind this law? Basically, to decrease the rate of teenage pregnancies, STDs, and defend a somewhat progressive look on polemic matters as gender identity and gender roles. This was the spark that ignited and kept these protests on for a long time. In Panama, just last year, more than ten thousand teenagers became pregnant, leading to high rates of school dropouts and increasing poverty in certain areas of the country. In her article “Society Divided by Sexual Education Program,” journalist Rosalia Simmons exposes the different perspectives the Panamanian society has regarding the law 61, which consists of the implementation of a sexual education subject in the curriculum of all the schools in Panama whose main target is students from age 5 to 18 (Simmons). Simmons addresses the manifestations made mainly by Christian groups that are against some of the key points of the law in discussion. These groups claim to defend the right of the parents to teach their children about sexuality, and they also oppose the teaching of the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation, given that these contradict the scriptural teaching of sexual relationships between solely a man and a woman (Simmons).
However, adolescent pregnancies and STDs…

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