Societal Changes Throughout The 20th And 21st Centuries Essay example

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The overarching topic of this reading is Societal Changes in the 20th and 21st Centuries. The first reading is in the U.S history textbook and it mostly talked about both women and men’s opinions on women’s rights, changes in family life during the industrialization era, and trying to get through the inequality between men and women by education. According to Mr. Stanton, “he believed that since women are vulnerable, they enjoyed men’s protection.” He is saying that women are weak to stand on their own which is why they need men to protect them. With the mockery in his tone, he also hinted the women to know that stronger human being will always get more rights. In the other hand, people who are counted as lower than men, including women, children, and African Americans were trying to get their rights with education. Booker T. Washington also believed that education will get the African Americans through the prejudice that they received from the whites. According to the textbook, “Washington believed that money was color-blind, that whites would respect economic success… the ideals of millions of African Americans who hoped education and hard work would erase white prejudice.” Washington preferred educated African Americans to get more rights first then, it will be easier for the “uneducated” ones to get their rights as well. The second reading talked about women less representation in work fields because of gender. According to the text, it point out that STEM Jobs offer…

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