Essay Socialization Is The Most Influential Social Agent

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Socialization plays a chief part in generating and sustaining social inequality. It is a way for people to function successfully in their social worlds and discover their place in society by understanding who we are as individuals. The true question is how we come to adopt certain norms, beliefs and values in a society with so many different cultures and backgrounds. Although much of our behaviors and personality come from our parents and may seem like human nature, a lot is actually learned through socialization. The process of learning through socialization takes place through interaction with the various different agents such as with families, peer groups, schools and mass media. Socialization is something that occurs throughout our entire lives but has a substantial impact during childhood. Agents of socialization are seen as social groups involved in shaping our identities. Family is the most influential social agent in our lives. This being because it is the very first influence in our lives and has a direct impact on how we perceive the world around us in addition to most of our beliefs, actions and values. Children rely heavily on their parents to teach them the ways of life and prepare us for the world. The opinions of parents are far more trustworthy since the bond we share with our parents is like no other relationship. In many cases, children are tend to be raised differently based on the social class that they belong to. Generally, the middle class families…

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