Essay about Socialization Is Important For The Growth Of Society

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Socialization is crucial to the growth of society. Socialization is the way that a culture is formed. For the Bushmen people, their way of socialization is crucial for their development. Their way of socializing may differ from my own, but it is not completely different. Socializing creates behaviors and values for every individual within a culture. Socialization for the traditional Bushmen people is the way in which they learn their own culture. Socialization starts in infancy. The Bushmen’s view on child rearing is that each child needs attention and care. Without meaningful interaction in the early stages of life they would not be able to survive and adapt to their environment. Every mother has an extremely close relationship with her child. Mothers keep their children with them at all times. Children even sleep with their mothers at night. This closeness to an individual and their mother is important to the Bushmen way of life. All of these behaviors are to ready children for adulthood. Internalization is one of the most important aspects of socialization. The Bushmen people take this for granted. When we interacted with our mothers and fathers at a young age, we would question or doubt what they said. For the Bushmen people that is not the case. Gender roles are also internalized. For instance, (Pall) says, “From our interactions we might assume that an individual’s actions especially a child’s are meaningful because they project how a child may be feeling or…

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