Essay about Social Worker For The Providing Hope Mental Health Center

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I am a Social Worker for the Providing Hope Mental Health Center in Plentyville, Nebraska. New clients are assigned to the next available social worker and today I was given the opportunity to meet a woman named Amy. Prior to our meeting, I was able to read a basic client information sheet, this is where I learned Amy had requested to speak with someone who specializes in domestic violence issues.
Identifying Information Amy is a 35-year old Caucasian female. She was born, raised, and continues to live in the small mid-western town of Plentyville, Nebraska. Amy is currently unemployed and living with her mother. She has never been married and does not have any children. When asked about her marital status, Amy mentioned an on again, off again relationship with a gentleman named Mick. Amy has a degree in culinary arts and has experience as a baker, although she is currently unemployed.
Referral Source Amy’s mother strongly encouraged her to seek domestic violence counseling services. The mom was concerned about Amy’s change in behavior, excessive sleeping, frequent crying, the loss of interest in her career, and in particular the abusive relationship Amy is currently involved in.
Presenting Problem/Client Challenges The presenting problem is the loss of a business, along with a long term relationship. This problem has led to motivation issues, in that Amy is oversleeping, not leaving the house, and not connecting with friends. She is dealing with poor…

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