Social Work As A Profession Essay

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March was Social Work month and Professor Pellicio discussed that our next paper is on the social work profession, and the due date is March 28th. He also explained that our mid-term grades are basically a snapshot of where we currently are in the class.
The class did a group exercise were we all got into a circle to introduce ourselves and state what we were going to do our paper on. It seemed (to me anyway) that most of the class was as confused, as I was, in regards to the exact topic of our paper. Professor Pellicio cleared it up as to what he is expecting.
The paper has to focus on what’s important to social work as a profession. Not to the students personally, but more so to the system as a whole. The professor stated that we should use social work articles, journal, etc. It should also be in APA format for citing and references.
We discussed the 1930’s and how FDR was setting up social work policies to care for the poor. Surprisingly to me, Freud was addicted to cocaine. C. Wright Mills, private troubles become public issues. Example: Child Abuse, public intoxication, elderly who can’t take care of themselves, etc. Every crisis contains an opportunity and it’s better to focus on gains rather than problems and strengths rather than weaknesses. Very profound to me was that statement by Professor Pellicio, “Spiritualty is what give a person meaning in life not necessarily religion”.
Although I was baptized Episcopalian, I converted to Roman Catholic just after my…

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