Social Welfare And The United States Essay

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Social welfare is governmental benefits distributed to impoverished people in order to enable them to maintain at least a minimum standard of wellbeing. Through the years, welfare in the United States of America has evolved according to the needs of the country. This is because the assumptions of poverty have changed. Before the Great Depression, it was thought that impoverished people were responsible for their circumstances. After the Great Depression, however, welfare became a right to American citizens, as the government realized that they needed to bare some of the responsibility of providing assistance for U.S. citizens. At that time, assistance was minimal and it generally came from the church and from volunteer agencies. In the past several years, welfare has become a big issue because of the recent economic recession. Because of its high demand, social welfare and welfare reform, including its history and current policies, are important for U.S. citizens to understand.
Franklin D. Roosevelt started a series of domestic programs enacted in the United States known as the New Deal. The New Deal was a response to the Great Depression. There was both a first and second New Deal. The first was between 1933 and 1934 (“A Brief History of Welfare Reform”). The New Deal dealt with diverse groups, from banking and railroads to industry and farming, all of which demanded help for economic survival. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration provided five hundred million…

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