Social Stratification : Mexico And Other South American Countries

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Robert Sobukwe once said, “There is only one race, the human race(Azquote).” Social stratification in places, such as Mexico and other South American countries it is clear that some places and people are wealthier than the majority who are not. Mexico’s history proves that social stratification remains persistent through generations. People of “mixed race” are considered more valuable than those who have common hispanic of latino characteristics. Mexico’s past has produced a racial hierarchy that consists of the superior and the inferior. Color, backgrounds, and lifestyles is something we all have, but some better than others. Mexico’s social stratification predominantly shows that those who are in the lower class have little if any hope of achieving a better lifestyle. If you are poor you are considered to have little use to society though the majority of residents living in Mexico are extremely below poverty level. Not all of society in Mexico is Spanish but Mexico is homes to Indians. The journalist says, “Our government likes to pretend that we are all equal, and that in Mexico race and skin color don’t matter.” Mexico’s history has a considerable amount of blame on why Mexico is the way it is. During the 1500’s there class system called the encomienda system. This class was created in order to control American Indians. This system later formed into what was known as the hacienda system in the 1800’s. This system created what was known as debt peonage. Debt peonage was…

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