Social Stratification As A Theory Of Sociology And Class System

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Social stratification which is a theory of Sociology and class system for anyone living in the society. There are three sociologist had proposed three theories to support about the stratification, the Division of labour in Society of Émile Durkheim, Marxism of Karl Marx and Tripartite classification of authority of Max Weber. In different class people who have different power, the more high class you are, the more power you had, usually it distinguished as upper-class, middle-class and lower-class, then each class could be assort, your social stratum according to your family or caste, but it can be change by individual disposition, temperament and personal ability, there are many factors would have affected to which class people are. For this assignment we will discuss the connection between social stratification with agents of socialisation, and how can the agents to influence people to find their local of society.

In this paragraph will show the effect of families and peers of primary group, primary group is very important for a child to learn manner, values and philosophy. When children who were born, they already follow their family classify, means families are upper-class, the children’ first stratum will be upper-class, family is the most important in agents which have had a lot of infusive especially the puberty. child’s form of thinking possibly refer their parents’ experience(Gidden, 2009), for example, if the parents who are labor, their children more chances will…

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