Social Status And Social Role Essay

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In society there are many social groups that we as individuals of society belong to, such as social status and a social role to fulfill. Social status can be understood as the position that we occupy in society or within a group. Social role is defined as our expectations of an individual in a given status or social position. As individuals in society it is predicted that we all occupy several statuses and play the roles that may be associated with them. Statuses and roles affect how we interact with others. Social Status can be understood as our relative social position within a group that we occupy. Such as being a student, child or parent in a given society. There are many ways in which individuals get their statuses, however it varies significantly on culture, and beliefs. In society there are based on a achieved or ascribed statuses in which we differentiate from. An achieved status is something we work for as individuals of society. It is acquired by doing something. For example, a woman who becomes a teacher by going to college and earning a degree is known for something she achieved. Similar to someone who is born poor and ends up working their way up to being very wealthy is know as an achievement for them.
Additionally, an ascribed status is conferred upon us when we are born. Such as being born into a very wealthy family, a given race or gender. In an ascribed status we do not make the decision to choose them because they are not voluntary statuses. For…

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