Social Responsible Consumption Essay

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Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Studiengang International Management
Fach- Sozial und Methodenkompetenz

Bachelor Research Proposal

Consumer perceptions of socially responsible consumption:
Attitudes among Chinese and German business students-
A comparative/ contrastive study

* * * Index 1 Title and Initial Statement of Research Question 3 2 Background 3 3 Statement of research objective 6 3.1 Primary research objective 6 3.2 Secondary research objective 6 3.3 Definition of terms 6 3.4 Detailed explanation of objectives 7 4 Research design and schedule 8 4.1 Approach 8 4.2 Methods of familiarisation: 8 4.3 Methods of using text: 9 4.4 Methods of using Talk: 9 4.5
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The main research questions that I will try to answer in this research are: 1. Is it important to Chinese and German business students to consume ethically? 2. What factors are important to the consumer? 3. What factors/agents influence the customer? 4. Do ethics play a role at all in consumption?
The topic globalization is on everyone’s lips and provokes different reactions and actions. Companies expand their markets, capital flows are increasing and international cooperation has never been easier. In other words globalization is influencing almost every areas of life such as politics, culture, communication, economy, environment or human rights. Competition between companies has never been on such a high level. Everyone wants to be quicker, better and significantly more favourable. We should write that German industrialisation already started in the 19th century and is now the biggest economy in Europe (measured on gross domestic product) while Chinese markets were closed for the rest of the world until 1979 when Chinese started to open its economic zones. Foreign investors like Siemens, IBM or Motorola saw a big potential in the Chinese industry. The cheaper production of goods increased dramatically and made China to one of the biggest export nations in the world.
However, achieving certain goals

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