Effects Of Consumerism

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With the growth of consumer culture and globalization, especially in capitalistic societies, more attention is being paid to the growing role of consumers. More specifically, scholars like Wei Luo, Angela McRobbie and Mary Lou Roberts have closely analyzed female consumerism and its effects in the empowerment of women. Is so-called feminist consumerism a tool of empowerment for females within modern society, or is it another system which perpetuates traditional patriarchal ideals? Scholars generally hold “two dichotomous standpoints” (Luo 2) on such feminist consumerism, either embracing it as the assertion of free choice on the part of the woman (Luo) or another form of “gender retrenchment and the undoing of feminism” (McRobbie 542). They …show more content…
There is a strong focus on the socio-economic implications that resonates with many arguments made by Roberts in her article, Women’s Changing Roles – a Consumer Behavior Perspective. Roberts’ paper is almost a reverse study of McRobbie’s, analyzing the effects of modern feminism on the consumer behavior, rather than the consumer market’s ability to shape gender politics. Over time, the gender role of a woman, especially in western society, has evolved out of its traditional role, to see females take more independent roles within society. Roberts argues that the evolution of these roles continuously shape the western consumer culture. Roberts argues that to coorporations, “it is clear that these women have great deal of buying power” (2), which may prompt the creation of new markets to capitalize on said purchasing ability. Moreover, modern women are “very open to appeals related to doing something… for their own personal benefit and enjoyment” (Roberts 1) which complements Luo’s findings during her research, that “[s]everal women asserted that they did it for themselves, not for others” (7). Thus, there is also an element of empowerment as on the individual level, women believe that their actions are taken as a show of control over their lives and personal

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