Social Phobia Essay

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Social phobia (also known as social anxiety) is a common disabling anxiety disorder that affects around 21.42% of people worldwide at any given time. Social anxiety is typically when people have a sense of indescribable dread in such occasions as simple social interactions. This genetic disorder can impact one’s life as the person affected is in a constant state of agonising anxiety over everything they do, think or say and this can put a huge strain on them as it tends to consume them. This type of Social phobia often tends to appear around the age of 13 in males or females. Having social anxiety can lower someone 's self-esteem which causes a link with depression or panic attacks often altering their life course. Could adding pressure to …show more content…
So how is social phobia identified? Interactions that identify social anxiety are shown commonly when meeting new people, having to publicly speak in front of a crowd or being the main focus of attention in a conversation. Another way to identify if you potentially have social phobia or not is when you have a reoccurring intense feeling of fear or dread in social interactions and can have negative spells of emotions. Also when in these specific situations uncontrollable shaking can happen, and the throat can become dry quickly, another symptom is rapidly increasing heart rate. One of the serious symptoms of social anxiety can be when people start to think negatively about themselves in their appearance leading them to develop body …show more content…
The risks of other health problems such as panic attacks and depression can be increased with added pressure to be more vocal. The pressure can weigh down on the person’s emotions, which can bring out incredible isolation as it can lead to feeling segregated from everyone else. Anyone with or without suffering from social anxiety can get a substantial amount of stress from being pressured. However, when someone is pressured due to having social anxiety to be more vocal, is it always right or should the professionals handle it?
Others adding additional pressures are hindering overcoming social anxiety instead of helping. The pressure usually from others who have never experienced social anxiety and can’t fully comprehend the emotional extent a person is experiencing add more stress towards the individuals experiencing social phobia as it singles them out. More encouragement is needed when trying to get someone out of their comfort zone as pressure can isolate a person more and

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