Social Penetration Model And Relational Maintenance Essay

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When Harry Met Sally The film "When Harry Met Sally" is from 1989, throughout the movie the audience is presented with a variety of relationships. Two specific couples that will be analyzed are Sally and Harry, Marie and Jess. Unlike modern films, this movie contains an immense amount of interpersonal communication within the characters. Moreover, two topics that will be covered are is the Social Penetration Model and relational maintenance. The first couple that will be analyzed is Harry Burns and Sally Albright which are the main characters in the film. The idea paired to this couple will be the Social Penetration Model, it is defined as "a model that describes relationships in terms of their breadth and depth" (89). Within the film I analyzed how the breadth and depth of this relationship was quickly established. However, I noticed that there was more self-disclosure within Sally, oftentimes, when Sally asked Harry a question he flipped the conversation back to her. This made the audience learn more about Sally than Harry. When a few hours passed after meeting each other, they were eating together, having a conversation about how Sally had great sex with some guy named Sheldon. The depth of this conversation was private, but the breadth was not great, yet. As the film continued, Harry and Sally became friends and they remained that way for a while, they would date other people and share their experiences. Even though they shared intimate information at a fast rate they…

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