Divorce In Children

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Divorce is a process that many people all across the world go through, and in today 's society divorce has become the norm.According to statistics Canada , cansim ,tables 053-002 Ontario has the highest rate of divorce in 2005. After one year of marriage, there are 5.1 divorces for every 1,000 marriages in Canada. While more and more married couples are filing for divorce due to affairs, conflicts in the marriage, loss of romantic feelings, and other family issues ,majority of divorced couples have young children in the picture.The family unit is considered to be the primary source of social , emotional and cultural experience 's for a child . Divorce has become a debatable and complex topic, because of the …show more content…
The separation of a mother and father can be very traumatizing for a child who has been raised by both parents; to one day only have majority access to one parent. This is a situation through which kids develop inaccurate thoughts as to why their parents are not together. In some cases children can start to feel blame or guilt and eventually the child perceives he/she may have been the reason their parents separated or conflict.

So does this mean couples should stay together for the sake of the children? Tamara Afifi professor in the department of communication at UCSB stated that it’s not the actual divorce that has these detrimental effects on children it’s the steps leading up to the separation and the conflicts. As we look deeper into the effects long and short term, we start to understand the effects on gender and age. Although many of the children experience the same struggles emotional and behavioural. The ability to adapt to a new life after divorce varies mostly on what age the child has experienced the separation .Substantial
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An understanding of a child 's development is essential ,because it allows us to appreciate and understand the cognitive , emotional ,physical , and social growth of that child from birth into early adolence. Although children often try to stop their parents from divorcing, sometimes the best decision for a family is separation. While one parent cold be involved in serious problems such as drinking , spousal abuse , or gambling addiction .Divorce can have an important and life changing impact on the well-being and development of the child. Being brought up in environments exposed to issues listed above is unhealthily living conditions for any child.Children of divorced parents are also said to have a better understanding of life and better practical skills such as problem-solving.If their parents aren 't around so much who is going to help them with their problems? Divorce can be positive however it is mainly down to the parents to make it positive.Lastley,an article in East Valley Living describes how if parents allow their child to see both parents equally , with strong co-parenting skills the child will benefit from communication skills, organization,time management and relationship building.The big question is what can parents do to prevent their children from experiencing these difficulties? When divorce is sometimes inevitable or the best decision for certain families, studies have looked at the things

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