Social Norms And Gender Norms Essay example

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Halloween is a time where people can legally and normatively violate social norms, that are typically most rigid for women, based on how they should act, think, and appear, in order to maintain skewed power dynamics that makes them inferior, and thus, controlled by men and their own selfish objectives. While there are indeed gendered expectations about how men and women should dress even on a day like Halloween, that although defies social norms, fails to defy gender norms, it is problematic to assume that all women dress in hypersexual manners during this celebration to “impress the men.” Once again, this assumes that everything women does, along with her appearance on a day when everyone’s appearances are intended to defy the norms and typical expectations, is to cater to men’s own preferences and sexuality, without considering that women themselves may simply be celebrating the expression of their own sexuality, along with their bodies. However, it is indeed problematic that costume makers have specifically targeted women and their gendered costumes, when designing these very sexualized costumes, while men’s costumes often lack any indication of sexuality. For example, a woman’s cowgirl costume is hypersexualized while the men’s is not, and is a more accurate depiction of an actual cowboy costume. Costume makers may indeed meticulously design these costumes to cater or adhere to the male gaze, especially when they sexualize costumes that are very random, such as a TV…

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