Essay on Social Networking Services For College Students

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SNS; Socially Noxious Stressors I have used one of social networking service (SNS), Instagram from 2 years ago. It is a service that people share a photo or a video with comments and they can follow others to get thier feed. Even though I had begun Instagram to treasure good memories, I felt that I came to care about what other people think about my pictures and want more followers. It made me stressed out and, hesitated before uploading because of others’ eyes. Like me, many college students feel negative using SNS since they get to meet diverse people and experience variously on college stage. Social networking services have gradually decreased human happiness for college students because they create a more socially stressful environment that leads to inferiority and isolation. Social networking services refers to an online platform that users can create public profiles and share their contents such as their interests, images or video etc. based on real-life to build social networks and social relations. (What) The first social networking services which existed from 1997-2001 allowed users to have personal spaces and connect friends online. It is evolved the forms of more public like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest that can share with many people all over the world. According to Zephoria, every day, Facebook manages 4.5 billion “Likes”, 4.75 billion content shares, and over 300 million photo uploads. (Zephoria) Despite of the popularity of social networking…

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