Advantages Of Social Networking Essay

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A social network is a set of people connected through a network by a set of virtual relationships such as friendship, co-working or information exchange. Today there is an explosion in social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Skype, twitter, Bebo. Young people are the main users of these sites. Among these sites, Facebook is the most popular site to the young generation.

Religious point of view:
In all religion, the privacy and safety of people is strictly told to be ensured. People who participate in social networking should be aware of the negative aspects of it. It should be remembered that not everyone on the Internet has pure motives. We should use safety precautions, utilize the privacy settings,
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It has also establishes as reliable and effective outlets of advertising. Most of these sites provide free networking avenues, making it within reach of common people. It is like a virtual meeting place where people join to connect with varied interest groups, and build up new outlooks. It provides a socializing platform for people of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and professions.

Besides the various advantages of social networking sites listed above, it has various demerits also. As internet provides easy access to information, it has made it very easy for anyone to claim to be someone who they are not. That is accessing of wrong and false information. Safety and security also not maintained strictly in these sites. Another issue is privacy. Users provide more information to strangers who otherwise will never have access to when meeting in other social settings but are able to see in social sites.

How I want my social network
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Privacy functions will be my first priority. Users profile will be set that they can share their posts only to those they want to. They can share their specific pictures, information, views to specific people not with all friends. Unfriendly people will not able to see any posts of them. People will be encouraged strictly to access valid information. Religious, politics and national views of users own perspective will be remaining safe. Users will be able to study as well as share their knowledge upon their own awareness level. Strangers cannot able to harass any users by accessing unwanted

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