Social Networking And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Social networking internet sides and living our lives in public views.
Social networking sites such as face book, MySpace, twitter and you tube have been playing vital role in changing our living styles and behaviour because it is consider as a medium for communication along with spreading information around the world, In some ways these are better for us like as reshaping and maintain social bonds, transform the social, political and international news as well as happenings to each and every individuals across the world, also offer opportunities to business so that, it makes strong market position or modify the customer behaviour with the help of social media but mostly these are worse and arise ethical problems on social sites and this problem also hit the profit of business such as
Invasion of privacy
There is dread to both identity of people and community.
Relationship between the individuals is affected and disturbed by social media such as friends, virtue and real life
Little democracy and freedom
And some other ethical issues which put negative effect on productivity of business.
So this is the right time to deal with ethics in social network to protect the typical concern of individuals related to it.
Ethics in privacy

There is no privacy of people in terms of commercial, data mining, research or surveillance because due to the capacity of facial recognition software which automatically identifies persons or collects their detail and upload photo and…

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