Social Media 's Impact On The Existence Of Gender Stereotypes

1062 Words Sep 2nd, 2016 null Page
About 6 years ago, perhaps one of the most impactful events has occurred in social media history: the creation of Instagram. No matter how many times I had deleted countless Instagram accounts to stay away from it, I always came back to it, impulsively wanting to show my life through aesthetic photos just like every other teenager wanted. Instagram’s popularity continually increased throughout the years, from creating ways for people to share their lives, to promoting a new era of the selfie craze. People from across the world started to post on exciting events in their lives, and soon Instagram became a place for people to show only their best selves. With that, Instagram evolved into a platform for gaining attention and following what everyone else did, and because of this, it has created a negative impact on the existence of gender stereotypes.
As Instagram gained more influence among the younger generations, it gave teenagers a sense that showing their candid selves is not what people want to see. I mean, why not filter out the day you stayed in bed all day when you can show your whole high school that you went to the beach? Mayyasi mentions that 18 year old Essena O’Neill describes “..the focus on revealing clothing, and the careful staging of a photo that looks candid” about the things she post on Instagram (Mayyasi). Female celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift tend to post pictures that scream out that their lives are better than everyone else’s and are…

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