Does Social Media Have A Negative Impact On Society?

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Cell Phones were the start of connecting people on their mobile devices. Then texting had its place. Soon Facebook came about, then Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. But are all of these social media apps important in life? I would love to say no, however, I can’t. With employers finding tweets or pictures of employees and potential employees, you have to closely monitor and drag yourself into social media. I believe that social media recently has had a negative impact on society. This is due to the examples that Yzzy Gonzalez discusses, things that I had noticed in my life, and as well as potential risks it poses. These ideas prove that social media has had a negative impact on our society. First of all, people have been relying too heavily on technology for everyday life. Yzzy Gonzalez wrote a descriptive article discussing the way she relies not only just on social media, but how much of her day is controlled by apps. She states, “I eat my breakfast reading theSkimm, Deadline Hollywood, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and many more news sites and blogs, all on my laptop.” (Atwan 50). She is essentially replacing a classic newspaper with social media sites and apps. Is this necessarily amiss? I believe so because she can control what news she wants to expose herself too. Doing some research, theSkimms ad line is, “theSkimm makes it easier to be smarter. Join the millions who wake up with us every morning.” ( The …show more content…
Yzzy Gonzalez discusses how she goes throughout her day relying on apps. I personally have witnessed people using the biased internet for their news source, which anyone could post. Finally, people rather talk over social media than face to face. These factors prove that even with all the positive impacts social media brings, they don’t outweigh the negative impacts. With all these negatives, why do we still continue to let it control our

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