Social Media Is A Source Of Connecting People

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Social Media

People are misguided about the fact that Social Media is a source of connecting people. It is an illusion. Rather than connecting people, it has a great say in disconnecting people from each other. It is not only disconnecting but also discouraging people from interacting people face to face. Which further leads to depleting people from conversation skills as, after the introduction of Social Sites like Facebook and Whatsapp, people prefer talking on text messages rather than face to face conversations. Which help you build your confidence, improve your speaking skills and help you learn some speaking manners as well.
The cons are fewer as compared to pros but if you look at the intensity of the cons you can not provide any justification
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So it is kind of advantageous that you are getting all sort of information. Even tho you are not really interested in news, still, you would have to scroll down your feed looking at what people are sharing and seeing their views on a certain matter which even might increase your interest on the news as well. Social media is a huge platform where there are lots of things that can entertain you no matter what is your mood at that moment. Talking about my personal experience, usually when I am sad or not in the mood to listen to jokes, but looking at the hilarious memes appearing at my newsfeed always enlighten my mood. But this never lasts longer, they can only make you forget about that problem for a …show more content…
Deep users are the major threat to children and teenagers in certain. They stalk other people’s social media sites, keep a track of things happening in their lives either by hacking their account or having a constant eye on what type of posts they share. They usually target the ones already in depression or sad for some natural or non-natural reason. And later they start communicating with those kids to taming their minds in such a way they do not cocider thinking for the second time before the comiting suicide. The famous example for this is a blue whale game. Which caused the death of more than 130 teenagers only in Russia. People got blackmailed, who could not be brainwashed but in the end, lives were lost. Previously as discussed chapter 2, Chaning your mind, it had been argued that artificial medicines should not be taken in order to get relief from depression. Saying to all those who stand in favor of this statement, what if they would have taken such pill they wouldn’t be dead now. They might have gotten addicted to those anti depression pills but atleast lives could be saved. Also when discussed chapter 5, The relive box, it was clearly shown how technology can help you revive old memories, seeing such good memories of you with your loved ones who aren’t with you anymore, might give you happiness for a certain period of time, but later you start to miss that

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