Essay about Social Media And The Media

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For the past two decades, we’ve thought of “new media” as the upstart and “old media” as reliable media. But what if new media isn’t as new as we think it is and maybe old media isn’t the oldest type of media? Though many people believe that we have come such a long way from previous social media outlets, nothing has really changed. Twenty years ago, my mother was calling her friends on landlines and meeting up at the local cafes. Today, I’m calling my friends on my iPhone and meeting up at the local mall. Much of our communication styles have not changed. What as changed is the advance of technology. Tom Standage defines social media as “media we get from other people exchanged along social exchanged along social connections, creating a distributed discussion or community” (Lessons From Ancient Social Media). Standage explains that social media is nothing new, to him; it’s simply a twist on an old form. I agree with his thought of the idea that social media had not changed. Many people have shared their information throughout the years in their own personal ways; sharing personal information to others dates back to ancient times. From The Romans who scribbled to others on the walls of Pompeii, to Tudor England who passed manuscripts of books from hand-to-hand, to people gathering together in coffeehouses throughout Europe sharing piles of daily news, social interaction and the sharing of information has been the norm for humans throughout time. Many modern Internet users…

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