Essay on Social Media And The Internet

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The Internet is a vastly growing network that allows individuals from around the world to connect and learn from each other. Social Media in particular is one of the main avenues of such connection and with 1.65 Billion users per month of Facebook alone (Facebook, 2016), not including the multitudes of other social media sites, it is clear to see that this new phenomenon is one that necessitates study. Social media and Facebook in particular allows for the creation of an online identity that may be controlled and catered for through the application of status updates and photos. On the other hand, one’s personality is thought to be constructed of five traits or scales under the Big Five Factor Model that includes openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism (Costa & McCrae 1992). A question therefore arises concerning whether an individual’s natural personality is exhibited through their varied use of social media, of which Facebook will be the focus.
The query of whether an individual’s personality is reflected accurately in their social media use is directly explored by Back et al. (2010), specifically the permanence of the competing hypotheses of idealized virtual-identity hypothesis and the extended real-life hypothesis. It was demonstrated that in particular individuals that were more extraverted would greater employ Facebook as a means for expressing and communicating real personality. It therefore determined that individuals use social media…

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