Social Media And The Effect On Customer Behavior Essay

705 Words Dec 1st, 2016 3 Pages
Business is a very complex economic system and the social media as an essential part of the marketing plays a crucial role in the overall process of efficiency. The process of throwing the pebbles on the lake and the ripple effect is a better explanation of the role of social media in the business. So, could be guessed which one is which? Well, the rocks are the number of clicks which might be likes, shares, comments, reviews feedbacks etc., the lake is social media and the ripple effect is how the presence of Chuck’s Sheridan in social media affects customer behavior to perform the best efficiency.
Through a careful examination and a critical analysis is concluded that Chuck’s Sheridan is presented in the social media and the most important networking sites of social media are crossed and interrelated but the system is founded almost nonfunctional. Facebook the top social media networking sites used by most social media users resulted on 66 likes 4 reviews and some comments. The quality of the auto pictures is not performed professionally. The traditional form of mass media is not used anymore. So, the excellent work of the company it is not be seen on Chuck’s Sheridan’s pages
What Chuck’s Sheridan needs to do is to increase the efficiency of social media and marketing in general. People need to talk about Chuck’s Sheridan and the company need to be involved with the client, the supporters, or the newcomers. Chuck’s Sheridan can do this by is asking the companies…

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