Social Media And Social Networking Sites Essay

1404 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Ever since the creation of the first major social networking sites, millions of people have been using them to talk and stay in touch with others. Although some have died out over the years, such as MySpace, others have had a surge of popularity, such as Facebook with over a billion users (Clemmit, “Social Media Explosion”). All of them share some basic features, like the ability to connect with other people near and far, which have greatly benefited many people 's lives and have made it far easier to communicate, connect, and retain ties with others. With the invention of social networking sites, the ability to communicate between people has expanded greatly. People from all over the world can now quickly chat with one another, forming an expansive web of connections between them all. Marcia Clemmitt, a veteran social-policy reporter, makes note of social networking sites ' ability to easily connect with a friend of a friend (Clemmit, “Social Media Explosion”). By doing that, social networking sites have expanded a person 's ability to communicate with people they don 't quite know, yet have a friend in common with. The benefit of being able to communicate with those sort of people allows someone to talk with others that are different from themselves but aren 't too distant, is that they 'll likely be able to provide new information that could be beneficial to them, such as available job information, or expose them to “different beliefs or backgrounds” (Clemmit, “Social…

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