Essay on Social Media And Social Networking Sites

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The use of social networking sites has caused people to be less sociable and has led individuals loosing social skills. Social networking sites were created to connect people to one another and to build more relationships. A Primary example of this is Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide. Facebook is created for networking and connection, but it is have a reverse effect and leading to less sociability. The causes of this epidemic are people are more isolated, lacking in intimate relationships, withdraw themselves from real world connections. This issue actually brings up another issue which is loneliness. The lack of social aspects is resulting in individuals becoming lonely. Social networking sites are creating this isolation by allowing us to enter a space where there seems to be no rules, allowing one fabricate his or her identity. “The internet was also the force underlying social decay in William Gibson ’ s science fiction novel Neuromancer, which portrayed people losing their real-world personas by jacking in to cyberspace ”(Wellman 118). It assumes that people lead different “ virtual ”lives, distinct from their everyday real-world lives. The isolation is leading to being less social because we are less likely to create relationships because of the issues of false identities, society’s view, trust and privacy. Facebook allows you to make your own profile with any information, whether it is correct or not. “While one could easily argue…

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