Social Media And Its Impact On The World Wide Web Essay

1838 Words Nov 24th, 2015 8 Pages
Facebook, a social network that seems to bridge the gap for many people that are separated because of a long distance, another medium for friends to continue sharing interests and stories, or even a way for people to create friendships that could not fester in the physical world. While Facebook serves a major role in maintaining friendships that have been made, they were never meant to create friendships solely within the virtual world. Through the eyes of Aristotle, the friendships made through social media will never reach a friendship focused on the good without any face-to-face interactions that reveal an individual’s true values. The barrier created by Social Networking Sites (SNS) only support friendships based on pleasure and utility, that is to say that internet memes and political views can permeate throughout the world wide web. However, ethical virtues that lead to friendships of the highest form are only enabled by reciprocity, empathy, self-knowledge, and shared life. Reciprocity is evident in all forms of Aristotelian friendships, but empathy and self-knowledge and shared life can only be seen in a virtuous friendship. This does not mean to serve as a dispute on whether Social Networking Sites can produce friends. Friendship is unmistakable throughout Facebook, but these friendships are difficult to maintain virtually and unless they break through the barrier created by social media, the chances for a virtuous friendship can never develop. Understanding this,…

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