Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay example

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As of 2014 it is reported that roughly 75% of American adults use social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. These results are much greater than the 2008 report of 26%.( Hampton ) If one visits any park, restaurant, or any other social gathering across the United States, they are likely to witness more than one individual using a portable electronic device, using some type of social media. People no longer congregate in groups and talk to one another, but separate themselves from actual live interactions to communicate through social media. Even when talking with people face to face, many times the conversation pertains to events from these social media sites. Many people believe that social media sites are destroying people 's social skills, therefore adding to the decay of our society.
The most current form of social media can be described as online, interactive, communication sites, where users can create their own profiles, share information, and ideas. These sites cover every type of subject imaginable and are in every language one can think of.
The history of social media, parallels the birth of the internet. The internet can trace its roots back to the 1950’s, when American government contractors began research on a secure communication tool for the military and government, to be used in the event of a nuclear war. For almost two decades this communication tool was unknown to people outside of the government. In the 1970’s computer programmers started to…

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