Social Media And Its Effects On People Essay

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disclosure, as well as negative outcomes, such as social isolation, depression, and cyberbullying” (Nesi and Prinstein, 2015, p. 1428). The article shows us that daily use of technology can have both beneficial and harmful effects on people; it just depends on how often they use and their purpose for using it. If someone is using social media to create this virtual reality, then he or she will most likely end up becoming depressed. For, he or she will find himself or herself constantly comparing themselves to others. People who use social media to connect with friends, who live far away, should be positively affected, as long as they are using technology to grow a relationship, and not to be antisocial.
Technology Makes People Self-Absorbed
While it is favorable for humans to care about their own well-being, it is also crucial that we look out for the needs of others. If people are too absorbed with themselves, they will not appreciate the people that are around them, and could become self-centered and antisocial. Nobody wants to be around people who only talk about themselves and are careless about the needs of others. Lane Jennings speaks on the topic of becoming less connected to possessions in her article, “Hope for the Future.” She says, “Because we 're envious of other people 's success and so simply need to become less obsessed with material possessions” (Jennings, 2005, p. 53). She is upfront about the connection and desire that human beings have for their…

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