Essay Social Medi The Root Of Modern Day Sociology

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Social Media: The Root of Modern Day Sociology Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups, and societies. The primary goal of sociology is to understand the connection between what society makes of us and what we make of ourselves (Giddens 4). Early theorists like Karl Marx, Émile Durkheim, and Max Weber developed theories as a way of understanding the social actions of their time. These theories consisted of the use of social, economic, and political factors to make sense of social change. In comparison to the modern world, the study of sociology has significantly evolved and improved. The recent and continuing advances in technology have led to a vast change in todays society. The growth of urbanization and globalization that has taken place over time has led to an immense change in the cultures and societies of the world. Today, there is one component of sociology that seems to be the driving force of sociological changes in our society. This element of social life has gained control of most aspects of modern day studies of sociology. Social development, interactions, identity, culture, and economics are severally affected by this force. What is this dominating force controlling these social actions? Social Media. Social media is an umbrella term that refers to all online communities or publications that foster and encourage conversation between users, allowing them to develop, critique, publish, and interact with a vast array of online…

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