Essay about Social Inequality And Social Class

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In contemporary society, social inequalities are produced and perpetuated by social structures. One prime example is social class, which is created and sustained through the use of power by different people and groups. This will be explored through two artworks by the British street artist known as Banksy, who is known to comment heaviliy on social class, to show social inequalities within contemporary society.
Social class is defined in classical Marxist theory as a three level structure where people, are seperated by either being 'exploited ' or the person who 'exploits ' someone else with the end goal of making a monetary profit. Technically, the exploiter is known as the bourgeoisie ( capitalist class) and the group exploited is the proletariat (working class). Additionally as stated by Arvanitakis (2015) one group known as the Petit Bourgeoisie or Middle class, sits in the middle as they are neither exploited or the exploiter and generally are people who own and run a business by themselves or with some business partners.
In society, a controversial issue that frequently occurs and is discussed is the problem of social inequality. In classical Marxist theory, this occurs when the bourgeoisie 'exploit ' the proletariat to levels which are considered too high or extreme ( Souza 2007, p.438). The cause of this issue is often greed, or the inability to know and understand the life that is experienced by the proletariat, which principally arises from experiencing a life,…

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