Modern Day Research Paper

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The internet since its conception and creation has always been a method of networking. In the modern day, society uses the concept of networking for a variety of purposes and reasons. This essay will seek to understand the implications of networking on multiple aspects of our lives. When we say internet we mean an electronic network that links people. Even in its earliest moments in the 19060s and 70s the internet was used as a communication network for science and military in the late 70s. The major implications of the internet in the modern day have been the social implications. Social implications are the impact that a factor may have on society as a whole or even just certain portions of society. The internet as whole has impacted society. …show more content…
The internet’s introduction can be viewed as a massive step for organizations as for many companies it altered the structure and work process. The emergence of E Commerce and online mediums of trade such as amazon and eBay have shown that the internet has had a positive impact on organizations. When we look at individual work groups and how the implications affect them we see how the interactions between both group members and amongst the groups is changed. The use of emails has allowed workers in all sectors to set the pace of their workload and responses to other team members which allows for increased efficiency through multitasking. This was shown to be true as organizations that used the internet had a producitivty that was up 1.4% higher (Sung-Bae et al, 2014). This shows us that the implication on the workers overall is a positive one. Market forces have governed how a company today uses the internet to do business. An example is in the late 1990s when new regulations forced couriers to use the internet along with GPS to enhance their logistics and this allowed to be a more efficient business (Bander and White, 2000). This positive implication of the internet has allowed for individual companies to transform themselves to suit the needs of the future economy. This specific element of the internet is also very versatile. The internet’s ability to enhance an organizations options in expanding, contracting or restructuring also has a positive implication on the customers. In hospitals, the internet has been used to pool healthcare information and patient specific documents to streamline health services. This allows for the development of an integrated system that can improve not just urban health but also regional healthcare. This integrated system created through the internet allows for better patient care and is overall a positive implication (Scott

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