Social Exclusion From A Sociological Perspective Essay

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This essay will attempt to provide an explicitly normative approach to Social Exclusion from a sociological perspective, while discussing a theoretical approach that assists with the analysis of it. It will likewise evaluate the processes of social fragmentation and exclusion along with evaluating the positive and negative effects this has on individuals and society as a whole.
The term social exclusion initially emerged from the social policy market, nevertheless it is difficult to discover an underlying attribute to all the possible categories of social exclusion, therefore, the definitions and theoretical approaches of it are unmanageable. The Social Exclusion Unit (2004) put forward that “social exclusion is about more than income poverty; it is a shorthand term for what can happen when people or communities face a combination of linked problems. Such as sanitation, poor health care, unemployment and high crime, these problems are all interlinked and reinforcing”.
Since the election of the first Labour Government, the subject of Social Exclusion has turned out to be a major aspect of British Social Policy debate (Levitas, 2005). In 1980 the United Kingdom (UK) Department of Health and Social Security published a Report of the Working Class on Inequalities in health, also known as the Black Report. This Report displayed in detail how the amount of ill-health and death were unequally distributed among the population of Britain, it was suggested that these inequalities…

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