Social Effects Of Immigration Essay

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American Economic and Social Effects of Immigration

Immigration is considered as one of the most debated topics not only by politicians, but also by ordinary citizens themselves. Considerably, many people from various places seek for a greener pasture for the welfare of their families. This is the reason why many people across the globe come to America to make their dreams a reality. The history of immigration in America started after the American Civil War and the reconstruction after such war. Ultimately, immigration to the United States was considered to be a part of a worldwide trend. Between the years 1881 and 1920, there were million of immigrants which arrived in America (The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island). These immigrants came
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For example, Kumar mentions that in America, “Eastern Spiritual Teachings blossomed in the hearts and lives of Americans” (5). Hence, it is not surprising that meditation, yoga, and Qi Gong are popularly taught in the country. Furthermore, Kumar also believes that what enable a person to enjoy the full spectrum of nutrition which he needs to survive are the traditional cuisines. Considerably, America is known to have a diverse cuisine. Through these cuisines, the diet of Americans is improved. Also, immigrants put up foreign restaurants which increase the varieties of food that they offer. According to Bourdain, if immigrants are deported, every “every restaurant in America would shut down” (as qtd. in McCarthy). Amazingly, the country has a lot of foreign fast food chains. Myers believes that having foreign restaurants could be an eye-opening experience for most Americans because they are used to eat traditional burgers, pizza, fries, hot dogs, and burritos, but when they are able to appreciate the culture of other countries, they can be fascinated and inspired by how others prepare their …show more content…
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