Social Diversity And Religious Diversity Essay

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Individuals should also be responsible for furthering their own acceptance of religious diversity. This is not to argue that everyone will actively want to further their own knowledge of other religions, but furthering one’s own acceptance of religious diversity can be done in a many simple ways. The most common and powerful way one can learn to accept other faiths, therefore furthering religious diversity in their community, is through merely interacting with those of different faiths. Having personal relationships with people of different faith can reduce prejudice against others in that religion (Campbell and Putnam 621). That is to say if the relationship is a positive relationship it will reduce prejudice; however, one could counter that if the relationship is negative it would increase prejudice of that religion. Merino’s argument emphasizes that positive interaction with Muslims leads to a drastic positive change in how they are seen in a community compared to any other religion (Merino 243). Part of this is because there is a significant amount of negative stereotypes against Muslims compared to other religions (Merino 243). These stereotypes are often related to terrorism as this has become a controversial association for many Americans. Regardless, the evidence on interfaith interactions supports that interactions and relationships do impact how individuals see a religion as a whole. Relationships that involve people of different faiths will have a more significant…

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