Social Disparity In Susan Glaspell's Trifles

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For as long as there have been humans, there have been two sexes whose role have been mercurial, and their places constantly challenged. In the second wave of Feminisms people fought for equal status. In the play “Trifles”, Susan Glaspell shows the social disparity between Men, and Women’s status in the American society through wide-ranging conflicts. In the initial conflict between Minnie Wright and John Wright, Minnie’s husband, Glaspell delineates the disparity through their presumed exchanges. Another major conflict is between the Men, and the Women, when men belittle the women, and lower her status both other women jump in to defend their sex. Through this conflict Glaspell shows the presumed higher status that men hold in this society, and how women are combating this sexist wave. This theme was re-founded during …show more content…
Glaspell not only shows the disparity between men, and women, but she also shows some women who fight this difference in their own crusades. Through the extensive use of conflicts Glaspell made her point abundantly clear. Each one of these examples of conflict came back to boaster Glaspell’s main theme, and main point. As the fight for equality in present day social arrangement increases, so does the support of this revolutionary play. Serving as the number one weapon in the fight against injustice literature has been a very powerful tool in expressing the situation of the time. Throughout this play many people learned that situation of women whom they probably hadn’t really thought about. For women this play would serve as a motivator to change their situation, and fight for what they deserve. This play also hints at the higher moral code that humans should follow, and questions the obedience of the law. Should we follow the law with no hesitation or are there times when breaking the law is

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