Social Development And Cognitive Learning Theory Essay examples

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For Part 1 of this paper, I made a concept map on a Prezi that outlines the six main concepts of the class, the subparts of each concept, and applications to a classroom setting. The six topics, although all different aspects of educational psychology, interact and combine when applied to a classroom setting. Reflecting on my past experiences, I see how knowledge of each concept, both individually and in interaction with other concepts, can enhance one’s teaching. As I was teaching private flute lessons this summer, I pulled teaching concepts from social development and cognitive learning theory. Social development, which considers the social interactions through which children progress, encourages scaffolding as a teaching tool. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development, a model that fits under social development, holds that a child’s optimal learning task is one they can do only with help, or scaffolding (Ormrod 2006). As I was teaching one of my students the circle of fifths, I had to help her with the harder scales. I modeled the scale for her, and had her play just the first five notes. In the next lesson, I modeled again, then had her slowly play the entire scale. Over the course of our lessons, I phased out my assistance. Eventually, she could play the entire scale, and the whole circle of fifths, without my help. Besides the social development aspect to this task, there was also heavy influence from cognitive learning theory. Cognitive learning theory deals with…

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