Social Culture, And Sports Essay

1012 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
Susie O’Brien a journalist who divides her time between many publishers, including The Herald Sun and The Advertisers where she produces think-pieces and modern arguments covering politics, social culture, and sports. In late 2010 O’Brien launched an article titled ‘It’s time to honor gay couples and allow them to marry’ (The Advertiser, September 20, 2010, p. 27) in which O’Brien structures a relaxed argument to appeal to her readers reason (logos) and emotion (pathos). Despite some jarring use of some contractions O’Brien starts strong with a tone of authority (ethos) by stating ‘I didn’t ever choose to be straight.’ In doing this she constructs a bridge uniting herself to the gay community by identifying her sexual orientation as a trait of birth and not choice.

The first initial substance of her argument relies heavily on O’Brien’s own experience with friends and family who are gay remarking homosexuality is a beautiful thing and praising her own family members for being a wonderful and integral part of her life. The first third of her article is highly emotive; however, nothing critical is included in this section of O’Brien’s piece that would prompt the reader into thinking critically about O’Brien’s argument. Choosing to lean heavily on emotion and personal experience to demonstrate her knowledge of homosexuality and its extenuating global need for equality. She utilizes the use of the personal identifiers ‘You’ and ‘I’ frequently throughout the subsequent paragraphs…

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