Social Construction Of Gender Roles In Society

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Unconsciously many families have been applying gender roles to their own family. These implications of gender roles are based on what society expects from each and every individual. These expectations are known as norms that society lives by. Norms are the written and unwritten rules in society, which build the social world in which we live in. Societies expectations are socially constructed depending on gender and sex leading society to be patterned, which can lead to consequences. Social construction of gender is socially constructed rules that people follow and live by. The social construction of gender approach is what seems to be the reality but, is really not real (Scott Coltrane 1988;1). The social construction of gender rules can …show more content…
Gender role socialization assumes that individuals observe, imitate, and eventually internalize the specific attitudes and behaviors that the culture defines as gender appropriate by using other males and females as role models”(Shirley A. Hill 2002:494). Gender roles are learned in society by internalizing them and then applying them. Since gender is socially constructed, people have a perception of gender roles which partakes place in peoples everyday norms. Gender is systematically in our society in different ways. Gender roles are systematic because the expectations on behaviors become a chain in society. Gender is patterned in society because individuals are supposed to act in a particular way to meet the expectation that their gender is suppose to have. When an individual is not acting to their appropriate gender they are pointed out from the rest. Therefore leading to reinforcement of gender roles. This pattered society it brings consequences for the family because it closes them to accepting that maybe some individuals are not like the rest. It allows for criticism and labeling since people are constantly policing the behavior that is not appropriate. Parents are now even policing and fearing their children are different. This is a consequence because it leads to parents not being accepting in how their children turn out to be. For instance homosexuality is considered to be an issue …show more content…
Keeping in mind that sex and gender are different, allows better understanding on why some individuals in society are “schooled” to act appropriate because of the expectations they live by. The norms implied on gender and sex is what creates this patterned structured, that allows for people be considered dysfunctional if not fitting the appropriate gender roles according to sex. Since gender roles are seen in people’s everyday lives it is a pattern to unconsciously act upon those

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