Essay on Social Cognition And Its Impact On Today 's Society

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For many years racism has become one of the largest topics discussed across many different races in the United State of America. More importantly it has had a major impact on today’s society, from the shooting of Treyvon Martin to the recent presidential race and newly elected President Donald Trump. Racism has played a very negative role in society for many centuries and no matter how hard American try they just cannot seem to get rid of these cancerous thoughts and views but in order to defect something you must first understand where it coming from and how it is developing. So the first question is when and how are these thoughts and feelings coming about? According to Priest and colleagues prejudice thoughts and behaviors begin around the ages of three and six years old, around the time one’s social cognitive abilities begin to develop (Priest 2014). Therefore it would appear that at these ages children only recognize race but also learn particular attitudes about one’s self and others racially through social cognition. According to Bandura Social Cognitive theory is the process of learning through observation and modeling (Ormrod 201). Using the social cognitive theory children can learn racist/prejudice behavior through many different social aspects such as; racial socialization, what observe from the media, and eventually modeling that learned behavior.
Prejudice views being taught through Parental Values and Beliefs African American parents have the privilege to…

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