Ignorance In Today's Society

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There is a disease corrupting the minds of millions of Americans today, but no actions are being taken to combat it. No one seems to know about it which is ironic because the disease is ignorance. Ignorance is the origin of some of America’s most despicable societal issues which include every single type of discrimination, whether it be prejudice towards race, gender, sexuality, or religion. America’s politicians and government have become distant and unaware of serious and concerning issues, but my view of America’s future is one of optimism. I understand that the citizens of America will not idly stand around any longer while some seriously incompetent people are running America. History has proven an insurmountable amount of times that people refuse to …show more content…
Change is coming and it’s going to wipe out ignorance, incompetence, and intolerance. Ignorance breeds prejudice and prejudice manifests itself into inequality which is a widespread issue in America today. Racism has existed since the creation of America and it continues to rear its ugly head in today’s society. Racism is in both the hearts of the citizens of this country and in the institutions that run it. Individuals harbor racial bias in their beliefs which is why there are still hate crimes occurring today. According to the FBI’s statistics, approximately 48.5% of all hate crimes committed in 2013 resulted from racial prejudice. A recent and extremely violent example took place earlier this June at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina. Dylan Roof walked in and murdered nine innocent church goers in cold blood. He ended nine lives, he destroyed nine families, all because of his ignorance and intolerance. His motive for this action laid in the

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