Social Capital And Social Media Essay

820 Words Jun 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Just as any other term there are many different ways that social capital can be defined. Social capital is solely about the relation between individuals and entities and how they can be economically valuable. Social capital incorporates social networks in its process. Social networks are made up of people who trust one another. They also help each other, giving them power through the assets they gain. Economic growth depends on the presence of economic, capital, social capital, which all enhance it. There are many different social sciences that interpret social capital differently. Some other social sciences place emphasis on other components of social capital but they all have one thing in common. They all are in accordance when it comes to the idea “that all social networks have” value. Some examples of social capital are if you know someone at a company and they get you an interview for an open position. Just as social capital can be positive it can also be negative. If social capital allows individuals to enhance each other it can also be used to manipulate individuals. Certain individuals may feel inferior to overs because of their higher value of assets or authority to give opportunity. I definitely think that social capital is alive in America. There are some regions of America that execute social capital effectively and others that don’t. Although, social capital is alive in America I do not have confidence that everyone in America exercises it well…

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